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Please send us your comments on your stay, and send us some photos from Oceanway


Hi Dave

Just left Condo 3. Our First time in OceanWay. The condo was really amazing. Everything was there. Everything is brand new and we were careful to treat it well. The condiments on the kitchen is a great idea and we have never seen that any where else. We have stayed at a lot of condos, but yours is the cleanest we have ever had

Can we book the same week for next year? Well back to the snow. Thanks again.

Janet, Ohio, April 2 2023

Pat here Dave

This is our 3rd year in condo 2. Again it was amazing as usual. Thank for adding all the board games and the Ginga game. We feel this is our home now (with out the property taxes) and we had an amazing holiday. The pool there is great and your New, beach umbrella down in the Cabana was perfect. See you next year.

Pittsburgh, March 2023

Thanks so much Barb and Dave, for letting us rent condo 1 with our 2 children for the school break. We have allergies also, so being so clean and no smoking in the building was a BIG bonus. And the single beds in the guest room, was perfect. I think it was our best holiday yet. Everything was there, and it was very quiet. If you could book it for next year 2024, the same week in April that would be great.

Carol. April 2023

Hello There

Well I understand that we were the second couple to rent your condo. This is just a note to say, everything was perfect. The view from the third floor was great. You have everything there. It was nice to be in a non smoking building. Book us please, for 2 weeks next year.

George June 2022

Hi Hilda.

Thanks for booking us in Oceanway again. This time we stayed in Condo 3. It was perfect and extremity clean. What a view. It cost us less than what we have paid in the past but the condo was much more luxurious than anything we have stayed in previous. Hilda please block it out for the same 2 weeks next year. If you can get us in for a 3rd week, please do so, if they cancel. Great Holiday.

Thanks, Susan, Georgia,  July 2022

Hi Folks

Your RENTAL Condo was great. Emails on keys, movies, the place was spotless. Can we book again next year?

Thanks, Dave,  May 2021

Hello Dave

Good to be back again. We thought we would write this time to say thanks. Covid has slowed in Florida.

And a quick note with some photos. The beach is amazing. The pool is huge compared to other places we have rented. We felt at home as it was our second visit, and it was again, so clean. We love the view. Some nights I just sat and studied and thanked God for the holiday.

Pastor Eldon, May 2020

Well a short note Dave.

This was our 8th year at your condo for March. We feel it is home. It is a pricey stay as we are Canadian, and the dollar is not good, but it was all worth it. We had a great holiday. Your place is so nice. This year we had to take 1 week in another Pink condo building down the beach. The place seemed tired, musty and old, but once we moved in here, to your place, we realized what a huge difference we had been enjoying each year.

So just a note to say THANKS. We still have 2 weeks to go. Off to walk the amazing beach. By the way, thanks for putting the 2 chairs out on the beach again, to sit and watch the sunset with our feet in the sand. ha ha. I hope they  last.

Jack, 2021

Hi Dave, My husband said we need to write. Your places were spotless. We rented both. Thanks for the 50 Discount. What a holiday we had. Best ever. My kids loved it.

Pastor Alan, April 2019

Hi Dave

What a great condo. Here are some sunsets from the balcony. This was probably the best holiday we have ever had. You place is amazing. You have everything, even a popcorn maker and movies on demand. I love the antiques and the cleanliness of the condo. Thanks. Can you book us for next October the same week.

OceanWay has such a nice feel. Not too large but everything on a quiet beach. 2 New, BBQ's nice. Thanks.

Sue J, October 2018

Hi Again

This was my 4th year in Condo 1 on the side. It was wonderful. The place is nicer than our home. We live in Tampa and love the beach, so thanks for letting us use it again You are a Blessings.

Pastor Rob, June 2019

Hi There.

You have everything there in the condos. We are the family that booked both units. That side unit is so quiet and a lot larger, so great for the kids. Thanks so much. We will book next year as soon as we have the dates.

Bruce T,

Hey Dave.

We have allergies also. The place was immaculate. Our family loved the place and yes we were careful with the nice artwork and carvings with the kids. We appreciate class. Thanks.


Great view at condo 2...it was our best holiday...thanks so much.

Barbara A

Mr Smith.

What a nice place you have. This is our third visit. Thanks for doing the same price. I can appreciate that next year the price will go up a bit. No Problem.

Perfect. We have been out on that lovely lanai of yours watching the sunset. Amazing how many people are out on the beach to the south. It is so warm but not too hot. Windy. Is this typical for this time of year? I feel like we are very lucky to have breeze. It has not been miserable heat wise at all. Where do you guys live?

Also, three palms has been wonderful. We are doing some business while here and they are very good about accepting FedEx, fax, etc. The condo was as clean as it could be on our arrival. When it is well cared for, the renter wants to take good care of it.

Yearly Renter

We liked what we saw on your website, but were pleasantly surprised as it exceeded our expectations. Your condo is absolutely lovely. Furnished and decorated beautifully, extremely well appointed. I cannot think of one thing anyone could need that is not here. We truly have never stayed in a condo that is so well stocked. It makes is such a pleasure to stay here. The building itself is so well kept up. Yes, it is only one year old, but even the shower at gate from beach to pool is so well done. The path to the beach is so nice. Everything is quality here and we love it. If we ever came back, we would stay here again. The beach is perfect. For some reason it is more crowded north and south of here. The ocean is so warm, I cant believe it!!!

Thank you very much, we are taking VERY good care of your condo.

We just purchased a vacation property on Kauai.  It is very nice. Not as nice as yours. Our building is 20 years old. Our condo is not as large as yours. Yours is HUGE. But it is our favorite place to stay in all of HI, so we bought there.

Lynn Hufschmid

"The sunsets were breathtaking, your condo had everything imaginable to make us feel at home, I spent quite a few evenings at the pool reading and reflecting. Thank-you. What a blessing your place was to us" 

Pastor Gary, London

A wonderful time in condo one. The beach is great and we liked the 2 single beds and the bigger condo. We made the right choice. See you next year.

The Salmonds.NY NY

Thanks for your beach place. We only had 5 days....but it was great. Fantastic sunsets. We liked the side unit with it's own stairs, and the kids played basketball in the private tiled parking lot. yes the beach was very quiet and clean and private. We sat at the pool every evening sipped our drinks and enjoyed the good life. Thanks,


Wow lived in luxury for 6 days. Sorry we had only Monday to Saturday,but even though you charged for the whole week,it was really worth it. You are so blessed to have a place like this, on the beach, to call home.

Bruce Blackborn FL

We stayed in this building last year,but had an inside unit....windows only at the front on the patio. What a difference. Your is so open. Book me for March 06 now.

Thanks, Norm,  Ohio

Hi Dave,

The condo was everything you had said it would be and we enjoyed our stay.  The dolphins even cooperated and put in several appearances.  The kitchen was a dream to work in and everything I needed was at my fingertips.

Thanks again for the wonderful accommodations.

Jack and June Overmeyer

We must congratulate you on the  high standard of decor you beautiful paintings and antiques and all the extra amenities throughout your condo. We felt like we were in a luxury home. We didn’t have to clean it. We have been visiting Florida for 15 years and have stayed at many places in the Clearwater area – yours has impressed us the most. We were so impressed that we booked again for next fall. You can have anyone call us for a recommendation.

Mark and Cheryl and kids Canada

Dave with this luxury condo with lots of side windows and a great beach view.

 Koi, Cummings Georgia


Q: “Dave we loved the look of you place. We were staying near by. Could we book it for all of February 2005"

A: Yes, Full Month Booking available though out the year- this is done often so please book as far in advance as possible, especially for the summer.

Q: “Dave can we get a small discount for July …at least  3 weeks”

A: yes 12 % for returning guests for 3 weeks.

Q:"Can we book both units for ourselves and parents? Is there any discount?"

A: Yes, discount depends on length of stay for both units.

Q: How do we book in?

A: We will take your personal information and then have you contact our Rental Agent ...Hilda...who will take at least $500.00 down payment, have you sign an agreement and arrange for the pickup of keys once the rental is paid for.

Q: What is the tax and how is it paid?

A: Our tax in Florida is a tourist tax of 13% and Hilda will take that part of your payment and pass to the city.

Q: What about beach chairs?

A: We have 2 regular beach chairs and 2 low ones that sit in the sand or water. We also have mats to lay on and a large Umbrella you screw into the sand for sun protection. They are all stored in the Cabana that is located by your vehicle.

Q: Are there food stores close by? What Coffee machine do you have?

A: We have Keurig Coffee Maker and a regular 8 cup B&D Coffee Machine. There are 2 Publix stores and a Walmart food store about 10 minutes away.

Q: Why are there so many rules posted for Oceanwaycondo. Can you smoke outside the condo?

A: There is no SMOKING ANYWHERE on the entire property. If you are seen doing that you will be asked to leave the rental. Personally, we have allergies so our place is VERY Clean but as a board all our owners have agree we will be smoke free and pet free at Oceanway. We do have a lot of rules, but the reason is to keep our place welcoming and in good repair and everything operating so you HAVE A GOOD HOLIDAY.

EXAMPLE....BABIES SHOULD NOT BE IN THE POOL OR SPA as they can't help but PEE and as a result the pool gets shut down for everyone else.

Q: Are you a frame building?

A: Yes ...so sound travels and we ask you remove shoes in our condos and that you do not let children run in the halls.

We do not allow more than 6 people in a condo, including children, and parties and groups are not allowed. We try to protect the enjoyment of all our renters.